SPEA co-hosted a meetup on Anatomy of a term sheet

Serbian Private Equity Association (SPEA), StartLabs, Startit, Karanovic/Nikolic law office and South Central Ventures co-hosted a meetup Anatomy of a term sheet, at the Startit Center on June 14.

On this occasion, Aleksandar Sukiban (Karanovic/Nikolic), Nebojsa Lazic (StartLabs) and Jan Kobler (SC Ventures) explained what term sheet is and why it is significant, but also gave practical advices to the audience regarding negotiation process.

Participants have stressed that misunderstanding of a term sheet is a common cause of fear from investors, which frequently ends up with start-up ending the process of raising the investment. Therefore, it is very important that anyone who wants to raise an investment understands its basic parameters.

They have also pointed out that the term sheet is significant from the investors’ perspective, since it formally defines the rules of the game in the future partnership, where the investor is always a minor co-owner and that is why he wants to have certain control and security mechanisms.

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