The first SPEA and TMA panel conference: “Meet the money – Investor expanding into SEE”

Panel conference MEET THE MONEY – Investors expanding into SEE was held last week in organization of Serbian Private Equity Association (SPEA) and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) at the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Belgrade.

Panel discussed what was required in order to kick-start NPL trading and start proper corporate restructuring in Serbia and it was supported by Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Trimingham and WM Equity Partners.

Welcome speech to all panelists and guests held Marko Fabris, in front of the TMA, and a panel was led by David Schoch, President of SPEA. Knowledge and experience in this field were also shared with  guests by panelists Darko Stanisavić (Deloitte), Michael Cullinane (EMSA), Chris Buckle (Mezzanine Management GmbH), Valer Petrov (Axxess Capital) and Andrej Popovic (APS Holding).

‘This well attended event included advisors, banker and funds all interested in finding ways to promote activity from banks to deal with their NPL portfolios in a sensible way. Similar events have been held on this topic over the years but the view of this gathering of experts from Serbia and beyond was that there is an emerging readiness to deal with this issue. Banks are now well capitalised and we expect movement by the end of 2016.’, said Patricia Gannon, one of the founders and Board member of SPEA and managing partner in Karanovic – Nikolic.

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